Singapore Mom Blogger is One!

Singapore Mom Bloggers is turning one and
We’re having a photo challenge!!

SMB PhotoChallengeI have to stress once again that this is a personal blog; maintained solely by myself. I am a member of Singapore Mom Bloggers, but I am in no way a representative of the group.

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Singapore Mom Bloggers is an initiative by mom blogger Rachel Teo from Right Klick Communications. To cut the long and short of it, it is a collective group of fun-loving, passionate mom bloggers who each have a unique story to tell.

Remember to check out Singapore Mom Bloggers Blog Roll for inspiration from the rest of the amazing mommies from this group.

Day 1 | Me
This is taken about 11 years back during my glamorous flying days with Singapore Airlines

Day 2 | Love of my Life
Check out out love story…..
Photo credits to John Teo from Episode Photography

Day 3 | Wedding
We’ll be celebrating our 10th year anniversary come November!
Photo Credits to Kelvin Koh From Lightedpixels Photography

Day 4 | Love
Children offers the purest form of unconditional love.

Day 5 | Home
It was love at first sight!

Day 6 | Ultrasound
Sophia at 26 weeks.
I was thrilled to bits finding out I was expecting a little girl!!
Think Pink, Shop Pink!!

Day 7 | Hope
Just for the records, I am not a compulsive gambler.
I thought that this could be an interesting tongue in cheek photo for the topic HOPE.

Day 8 | Births
The birth of James made us new parents once again.

Day 9 | First Birthdays
Hiroshi’s lavish 1st birthday!
This cheeky boy still laughs like that till date!
I hope he will never lose this child-like innocence.

Day 10 | Milestones
Hiroshi drinking from a cup at 17 months.

Day 11 | Family
We were happy as a couple, but having kids completes our family

Day 12 | Joy
Joy is seeing your children sleeping soundly through the night.

Day 13 | Laugh
Hiroshi at our favorite hair stylist from Ipoh

Day 14 | Singapore Mom Bloggers
Need I say anymore about this group?!?!?
Singapore Mom Bloggers RAWKS!
They have arrived at their very 1st birthday milestone,
and I am glad to be a small part of it.
Looking forward to many more good years to come!!

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