Simple Tips to Perfect Fried Rice

When the days are rushed, fried rice is the answer.
Ahh….. the simplicity of a “one wok” dish.

As a mom, that’s my saving grace for last minute quick fix meals.
But yet, sometimes the simplest food can turn out to be the hardest to master.

Golden fluffy fried rice cooked to perfection.
Tips to making perfect fried rice

I’ll be sharing some simple tips to making that perfect fluffy fried rice!

Overnight Rice (隔夜饭), minced Garlic, Eggs, Crab Sticks, Frozen Mix Vegetables, Oil, spring onion for garnishing (optional) & Salt and pepper to taste.
Simple tips to making perfect fried rice

1. Crack eggs into bowl, add 2tbsp of water, season with salt and pepper. Beat well.
2. Add oil into a heated wok. Fry eggs. Make sure that they are browned on both sides. I like to do them in thin layers. Break eggs into bite size with wok spatula. Dish up.
3. Add oil into heated wok and fry crab sticks. Dish up.
4. Add oil into heated wok, add garlic, fry until neat golden brown.
5. Add overnight rice into wok. Spread rice over wok. Break up rice clumps with wok spatula. Give it time to fry before turning.
6. Add eggs and crab sticks. Spread rice around wok giving it time to fry before turning.
7. Add mixed vegetables. Spread rice around wok giving it time to fry before turning.
8. Salt and pepper to taste.
9. Dish up and garnish with spring onion.

5 tips to that perfect fried rice
1. Use rice that has been kept overnight in the fridge.
2. Use good quality fragrant Thai hom mali long grain rice.
3. Fry rice in big wok and high heat.
4. Spread out rice, give it time to fry.
5. Keep ingredients as dry as possible. No soggy Ingredients.

Now you have it…
the secret formula to perfect fried rice.

Bon Appétit!

What about some Teriyaki Salmon or Apple with white fungus soup
to go with that delicious fried rice?

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