Finally a new home…..

Nope, we haven’t gotten a new property.
In fact, it’s insane to buy a new house now with Singapore’s sky rocketing property prices.

But we did get ourselves our very own self hosted domain name!!

Which is a huge deal for me….
We have been blogging over at for the past 8 years.
I would like to shamelessly think of ourselves as pioneers in the Singapore Mom Bloggers scene.

We have been procrastinating over the shift all these years.
Afterall, you do get sentimentally and emotionally attached to something
that you spend so much time documenting.

But, the shift was inevitable.

Firstly, It’s a mouthful to say I blog at
Then comes the explanation of why BabyHiroshi.
Well, it’s not exactly tough to explain why BabyHiroshi…..
To put it simply, Hiroshi is my first born.
He has a quirky Japanese name because he was “made in Japan”.
Then the questions that follows amuse me.
So you’ve got and as well?!?!?
Nope, I don’t.
So that is why I am now choosing a really generic domain name.
Pretty brainless if you ask me.
Now, it’s just

And finally the straw that broke the camel’s back…..
The thoughts of introducing our fast growing young man as BabyHiroshi
doesn’t sound right at all.

We look forward to furnishing this new “home” with many more exciting postings.

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