The Differences of Parenting First, Second and Third Child

We try to be impartial to all 3 kids. But from our own personal experiences, parenting 3 somehow differs from parenting 1 or 2. Some of these scenarios may be grossly exaggerated, but, I hope you’ll find humor in some of them.

For someone without a sense of humor or kids
to start accusing us of child abuse
OR perhaps even report us to Child Protection Services,
I hate to break this to you…

It’s a fact for most some parents that a few parenting standard gets thrown out the window at the arrival of each kid. These standards will eventually get so low that we’ll be happy as long as our kids are fed and still surviving at the end of each day.

Keeping our sanity is like winning a lottery ticket for parents of 3 kids and more. So we do whatever it takes…

First Child: Are you kidding me! Of course we’re going to the Pediatrician!
Second Child: I’m sure the GP is equally as good and qualified to the job.
Third Child: Polyclinic will do lah!

Monthly Photos

First Child: ON THE DOT. Without fail. Take cute pictures of kids on their “monthday”
Second Child: Mange to take most of them. But it won’t be in a timely fashion.
Third Child: What Photo?!?!?

First Child: Ferociously flash learning cards even before baby’s first babble.
Second Child: Try to teach what you can and whenever you can.
Third Child: Wow! When did he learn that?!?!?

First Child: Walked at 12 months 14 day at 4.00pm. Even had videos for it.
Second Child: Walked roughly at 12 months
Third Child: Oh! Walked already huh?!?!?

First Child: New. Pre-washed, color coordinated and neatly folded.
Second Child: Mostly hand me downs.
Third Child: Looks like a refugee from a concentration camp.

At Home
First Child: Spend a good bit of every day just gazing at the baby.
Second Child: Spend a bit of everyday watching to be sure your older child isn’t squeezing, poking, or hitting the baby.
Third Child: Spend a little bit of every day hiding from the children.

First Child: Meticulously spend hours batch cooking Annabel Karmel recipes and freezing ’em in ice cube trays.
Second Child: Randomly cook something edible, still avoiding salt and sugar.
Third Child: They eat what you’re eating.

Swallowing a Coin
First Child: Panic and send him/her to the Pediatrician Immediately!
Second Child: Wait for it to be pass out in his/her poo poo.
Third Child: Deduct from his/her allowances!

Getting a Bump
First Child: Panic and send him/her to the Pediatrician Immediately!
Second Child: You monitor and look out for vital signs.
Third Child: He’ll LIVE!

Have you got more scenarios to add to the list?

Well, on a separate note…
James finally visited the Zoo!
Third kid, almost 2 and first trip to the Zoo.

And we were there because Sophia’s class has an excursion to the Zoo.
The differences of parenting first, second and third child

James’s eyes widen as he watched intently while listening carefully at my commentary at each animal enclosure. Didn’t expect a 2 year old to be this interested…
Difference of parenting first, second and third child

My heart ache with guilt at how little we’ve been doing with him.

It turns out, a trip to the zoo is cheaper and yet more effective than a day at the Speech Therapist. James learned the baby sign language for “monkey”. He tells me that the monkey “JUMP”, and the tiger “ROAR”.

I curb my fear for snakes and finally had a picture taken with a Royal Python!
Singapore Zoo with Snakes

That pretty much sums up James’s first trip to the Zoo.

Even though we do not take “monthday” pictures, flash learning cards or fuss over a bump, it doesn’t mean we love James any lesser.

Parents with 2 kids and more,
how do you deal with this guilt about doing lesser with the subsequent child?

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